I am

We are more alike than we are unlike. Be wary of those who exploit the distances between us, turning cracks into chasms, arms lengths into gulfs.

I am a sometime actor, director, producer, writer, storyteller. I am a husband, father, step-father, grandfather, aging middle-class male. I may be the most liberal white male ever born in Alabama.

I live in paradise, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, on 15 wooded acres right next door to one of my all-time musical heroes and greatest friends.

I like to grow things. I’m definitely slowing down. I go a day at a time. I try to make sense of my dreams. My memories are at once too intense yet also fading. I’m at last getting tired of over-dramatizing everything, perhaps because there is so much real drama, such as universal cruelty and indifference and the hypocrisy of the US in relation to itself and various repressive regimes.

In my next life I want a strong healthy back and to be a professional musician. What will the world be like then, I wonder?